Interview with Benjamin Andres - Head of Order Management

I am Benjamin Andres, 36 years old and heading the order management team for cruise & ferry in regard to our medium speed engines as well as the order management team for our high speed engines.

After I had finished studying industrial engineering in 2006, I worked in the order management four stroke marine department, responsible for Turkey and Germany. In 2008 I decided to move to Istanbul to work there in our local MAN Diesel & Turbo office with the aim of enhancing our local order management staff, serving our customers especially during the commissioning phase and supporting the general manager in ramping up the hub. After one year abroad with great impressions and gaining vast of experience I returned to Augsburg to concentrate on the newly formed cruise & ferry order management segment, which I am heading since 2011. In the beginning of 2016 I was also appointed as head of order management high speed. The main task for the order management is building up a technical and commercial knowledge base for our global sales team, training and supporting them for and during order executions as well as taking care of all complex orders.


In general, what are the most important aspects for a successful order management – especially within the high speed business?

The major task of the order management is to fulfill the technical and commercial obligations for the contractual scope of supply, starting from contract signature until hand over of the vessel to our service organization.

In comparison to our medium speed business, within the high speed segment the project specific engineering phase is significantly shorter. In order to meet customer requirements without further project specific adaption and to provide our customers with all needed information already within the sales phase, it is crucial to create standards e. g. for plant equipment components, supply systems, planning documentation and automation interfaces. Therefore, it was essential to create interdisciplinary teams between the order management and all relevant engineering faculties, focusing on the same goal of being “quick to market” by defining standards, which significantly reduce the later project specific engineering. Seeing the progress we made and the passion of all involved persons motivates me and my team. We are all excited seeing our work successfully developing.


What are your personal experiences within order management particularly concerning customer contacts?

During the last ten years, within the order management and as support for our sales and service departments, I have been leading many commercial and technical negotiations, not only with shipyards but also with owners and operators, always with the goal to find the best solution for our customers and us. At the end a relationship between our customers and us can only be built up on mutual trust and reliability, this being the key for a long lasting partnership and future business.


How will the order management of the MAN 175D high speed engine develop in the future?

Beside the afore mentioned standardization and release of further system plant equipment and propulsion train components, the next task will be the training of our global MAN Diesel & Turbo hubs, enhancing them to execute the local order management in the most economical way. Due to the proximity of our hubs to our customers, this step will give our customers the benefit of having a competent local contact for their orders.


Finally, what do you think was the biggest success for the MAN 175D so far?

After time of thorough development and preparation, last year we could secure significant orders from different market segments with different levels of complexity. As all orders have developed fast, important milestones will be reached within the next weeks and months. I am thrilled to see even more first ships with our MAN 175D high speed engines in operation, starting a long and successful story.


Thank you for your time and best wishes.